Bucharest Bucketlist

Before going to Bucharest, I had absolutely zero expectations and didn't really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with how much there was to see and do, and crammed in as much as possible in the 24 hours I had in the city. Here is my 1-day in Bucharest bucket-list... 1. Free Walking... Continue Reading →

A Weekend In Paris

There is SO much to do and see in Paris a weekend is just not enough! This city of romance has everything from great cuisine, interesting history, iconic sights, romantic strolls and more. Here is our bucketlist if you've got just one weekend to explore the city (but we will definitely be returning as it's... Continue Reading →

Lisbon Bucketlist

When we first arrived in Lisbon, we weren't really sure what to do as we couldn't think of any iconic attractions to tick off - like The Eiffel Tower of Paris or the Colosseum in Rome. Lisbon was more about the charm, the history, the warmth, the seafood, the winding cobbled streets, the mosaic-tiled buildings,... Continue Reading →

One evening in Brussels

There were a couple of reasons I was excited to see Brussels. Firstly, when I think of Belgium, I think of Waffles, Chocolate or Beer (and the city was full of it!). Secondly, it's the capital of the EU and has been featuring on UK TV screens since the whole Brexit thing... and I had... Continue Reading →

Our Athens Bucketlist

The last time we were in Greece together, we got engaged, so it was incredible coming back! With just one weekend in Athens, and LOADS to see, do and eat, here are our top bucket-list recommendations. #1. Athenian Riviera For some reason, no one thinks of this area when they think of Athens! But Greece... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Milan & Lake Como

Milan can be considered both a finance and fashion hub of Italy - on one side you've got large corporations and startup fintechs, and on the other you've got the global luxury brands (many of which are Italian so it felt like we should pop our heads in). And just one hour away, we found... Continue Reading →

An evening in Düsseldorf

First fun fact for you is that Germany is split into 16 different states - who knew?! Anyway, Düsseldorf is the capital of one of those states and is a really nice place to visit! I had one evening to explore and tried to cover some of the highlights... First up, I headed to Neue... Continue Reading →

An evening in Malaga

It's been a while, but one half of "Amarni" is back on the road - Shalini here (in case you can't tell by my more casual and enthusiastic writing style!) This Summer I'm visiting parts of Europe, and typically will have 1 or 2 free evenings to explore the places I'm going to. Essentially, there... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Basel, Switzerland

Arriving at Basel airport was like choosing which exit to leave at a subway station, but this time the options were a lot more fun - our three choices were Switzerland, France or Germany! We were there to explore the Basel part of the border so we swiftly entered into Switzerland. Fun Fact - the... Continue Reading →

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